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Now-a-days, every online user knows about Google Adsense Program and wants to make full/part time earnings from it (such a popular product by Google). Today, I’ll discuss about Google Adsense future in my blog.

Recently, Google announced in their adsense blog of having more than “1 Million Adsense Publishers” (A huge list of publishers that Google have).

You also must hear about Adsense new ads layout though only some of you noticed it. Google is experimenting with it’s new adsense ads layout. Publishes, on whose networks, these new layout ads are running, earning a lot better because these ads more like website inside stuff instead of a ad of third party website.

I noticed a thread of WebMasterWorld about Adsense future. The next thing that arise in my mind what will be future of Google Adsense program in next 5 years? Will they capture the rest of publishers or it’ll be difficult to survive in the market?

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  1. Jewel says:

    Useful info.

  2. Alan Valdez says:

    Excellent Info, I think Adsense will change the way they pay to their advertisers, but I think is one of the best ways to get money right now on the Internet.


  3. Rasni says:

    Hope it still work well in the next 5 years

  4. Guest says:

    Good information

  5. Ankush Kohli says:

    Thanks Alan and jewel.

  6. Ankush Kohli says:

    Rasni, we also hope but who has the control. Google is rolling out Adsense Beta. Now, let’s hope, earning will not change 😉

  7. William MATAR says:

    Since few weeks.. I am seeing better result in google adsense. William MATAR, Lebanon

  8. Ankush Kohli says:

    I think that ‘s great news William. Users can follow your path if you describe more details about your website and earnings.

  9. munge83 says:

    Nice to know. Thanks!

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