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Now Pay for Clicks on Directions on AdWords Location Extensions

June 2011 by  |  1 Comment

Last Friday, Google announced on their blog that they’re going to charge for Google Adwords local extensions clicks. If you’re thinking What is Adwords local extensions then here’s quick overview… A way for your location extension-enabled ads to show directly on the map. Adwords team is integrating information from ads with location extensions into the […]

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Why Guest Blogging?

May 2011 by  |  14 Comments

This is answer to your questions “what’s? Or why’s?” to guest blogging. Let’s start with brief of guest blogging… Guest blogging is done by bloggers to expose a way to network with other people within the blogosphere by exchange of content, grow interaction with other’s blog readers, and increase traffic for your own blogs. In […]

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How Do I Get Twitter Followers

May 2011 by  |  4 Comments

My last post was about “How to Create a Facebook FanPage” and now, it’s time to write about a strategy to attract twitter followers. Get thousands of Twitter followers quickly everyday and increase your Twitter influence. Twitter is an incredible way to get traffic to your site(s), network, stay in contact with your friends and […]

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How to Create Fan Pages on Facebook

April 2011 by  |  3 Comments

Some people create Facebook Fan Page for branding, entertainment, representing their business etc. Brands today have the incredible opportunity of interacting with consumers on the social network & marketing plan in the world of Facebook. It is the public’s wish and feedback that will decide the brand’s fate in the end. Creating relationships with them […]

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White Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques

April 2011 by  |  9 Comments

White Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques

The practice of White Hat Search Engine Optimization, also known as Ethical SEO. The White Hat Techniques are ethical whereas Black Hat Techniques are not. It aims to make it easier for the search engines to tell when your site’s content is relevant to a query. In most cases, we do this by building a […]

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How to Make Money from Google AdSense

April 2011 by  |  16 Comments

Google’s AdSense is an attractive revenue making opportunity for small, medium and large web sites since a long time now but it’s against the rule of Google’s AdSense if you are running any website only for AdSense earning for which you need to include a few Affiliate links or sell your own product, too. Googlehas […]

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Free Online Marketing Tips for All Web Based Businesses

April 2011 by  |  4 Comments

Selling products through the internet has become so prolific nowadays with so many individuals and big corporations seeking for trade opportunities on a global scale. This is attributed to the many conveniences and savings the World Wide Web brings along. With so many companies in this form of trading competition is rife and thus everyone […]

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Mass Email Marketing Spam Mistakes – Must Read

March 2011 by  |  3 Comments

Mass Email Marketing Spam Mistakes - Must Read

There are very few worse things that a SEO specialist can do to simultaneously ruin their reputation and their business than engaging in unscrupulous and indecorous online communication activity. Some of SEO email marketers out there are making the deadly error of deciding to “bend the rules” by trying on the ebony Stetson. Sneaking in […]

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Google Analytics Upcoming Interface – Design Snapshots

March 2011 by  |  5 Comments

Google Analytics Upcoming Interface - Design Snapshots

Google shared a new look version of Google Analytics in at the Google Analytics User Conference in San Francisco. This new research came from a small group of Analytics users who participate in the testing. Google said to users “If you’re part of this group you’ll see a link to the new version in your […]

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