Ankush KohliHi, This is Ankush Kohli and welcome to eMarketinGuide.com.

I’m an Digital Marketer, Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified Professional. My work profile includes web designing, development, promotion,  business development etc. In short, my domain revolves around Web.

I’ve worked on portals, websites, blogs, forums etc. of different industries like apparel, mobile, shopping, health, finance, games and many others.

Through eMarketinGuide.com, I’m giving you the free online marketing tips and guides which includes Search Engine Optimization, Website/Traffic Analytics, Link Popularity, Performance Based Online Marketing, Brand Promotion, Pay Per Click (PPC), Digital Marketing, Banner Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Business Development, Professional Blogging, Lead Generation, and last but not the least Domain & Hosting services.

Ankush Kohli Google Analytics Certificate

Adwords Certified Professional

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  1. <path_to_url> Anshul

    nice work… best of luck… god bless u….


  2. <path_to_url> Anshul

    nice work… best of luck… god bless u….


  3. <path_to_url> Manuj K. Gaur

    nice concept….. Good Luck man, keep it up.

    -Manuj K. Gaur

  4. <path_to_url> Manuj K. Gaur

    nice concept….. Good Luck man, keep it up.

    -Manuj K. Gaur

  5. <path_to_url> Rpatters38

    Hey Ankush, just wanted to let you know that I am following you. Really like your blog very informative. Hope you will follow me.

  6. <path_to_url> Peter

    Great thanks for your friendship

  7. <path_to_url> gautamrampal

    i have known ankush since more than 5 years. In all these years his commitment for quality service has never declined. His theoretical knowledge complements his practical knowledge. It has been a pleasure working with him.

  8. <path_to_url> JollyPrincess

    Great blog Ankush, thank you for sharing. 🙂

  9. <path_to_url> madhu

    hi ankush, really a nice website with more information which will be useful for the upcoming bloggers….thanks a lot for posting such nice tips

  10. <path_to_url> Ankush Kohli

    Thanks Anshul, Manoj, Gautam, Peter, Rpatters38 & JollyPrincess. Thanks a lot for being my well wisher.

  11. <path_to_url> Ankush Kohli

    Pleasure & thanks for your valuable & appreciable comment Madhu.

  12. <path_to_url> Shaun Ling

    hi there, where are you located? you in singapore?

  13. <path_to_url> Ankush Kohli

    Hi Shaun, I'm based in India

  14. <path_to_url> adsense marketing

    Thank you for your articles. im glad i found your siteI will be back!

  15. <path_to_url> nVipond

    Good info, all posts are cool

  16. <path_to_url> Tworzenie Katowice

    Interesting information, thanks that you wrote – I look forward to more.

  17. <path_to_url> Adam Logain

    Nice blog!

  18. <path_to_url> John

    ive just started my own hosting company its such hard work haha 😛

  19. <path_to_url> Barias

    I truly appreciate you taking the time to post this. I really liked reading it and am looking forward to more posts from you! Keep ’em coming.

  20. <path_to_url> Catinella

    I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  21. <path_to_url> aion

    Very good text. I’ve found your site via Google and I’m really glad about the information you provide in your articles.

  22. <path_to_url> Kenton Holme

    Love your site man keep up the good work

  23. <path_to_url> Aben

    I realy like your angle that you have on the topic. Certainly wasn’t thinking on this at the time I begun browsing for tips. Your ideas was totally simple to get. Im glad to find that there’s an person here that obviously understands precise what its is talking about.

  24. <path_to_url> Hilyard

    Composing is a talent that you definitely have. All your excellent work is clearly evident in how you state yourself through writing. Your great talent will always be remembered.

  25. <path_to_url> Arizzi

    interesting website I will add this website onto my twitter i hope

  26. <path_to_url> Ankush Kohli

    John: A startup always need real hard work. Anyways, all the best! 🙂

  27. <path_to_url> Ankush Kohli

    thanks for your lovely comment and appreciation guys.

  28. <path_to_url> sivaram

    i visited ur site is very nice i hope is ver useful information

  29. <path_to_url> Supriya

    hi Ankush….just peeped into your blog. Good one !! Being in the same industry, at times I feel even if we know some important points, our brains and memory need brushing up…That’s what I’ve done to mine reading your blog 🙂 I would say its easy to understand and follow for a non techo too and thats what we call being SEO friendly and top of that USER-FRIENDLY 🙂

  30. <path_to_url> Michelle

    Hi Ankush, great site and some really useful tips…..

  31. <path_to_url> Elogicsoft

    Hi Ankush,

    Great Site. Great Post. Very informative. Learned a lot.

  32. <path_to_url> Michael Wallace

    Your blog has definitely inspired me to really change the way I run my site. I really appreciate your great work.

  33. <path_to_url> Mark Allen

    Congrats Ankush,

    How to apply for Google analytics certification.

  34. <path_to_url> Ankush Kohli

    Thanks Mark Allen! Search on Google, pay the fee & apply.

    Hope, it help!

  35. <path_to_url> Aiza

    Very informative site i really appreciate your work.

  36. <path_to_url> James

    Hi Ankush

    I want to get answer for some of the GA question where i got confused inspite of that i have cleared The Test.
    I am giving you the questions. Please solve my doubts

    17. Is it possible to make the Top Content report display different names than the actual page pathnames?

    A) Yes, you can rename the pages by entering the desired URI in the call to _link ();

    B) Yes, you can rename the pages by entering the desired request URI in the call to _trackPageview();

    C) You need to talk to your webmaster to change the settings of the server to allow arbitrary parameters

    2. 37. Why might your reports show visits coming from a paused or discontinued campaign?

    A) because visitors originally referred by that campaign are now returning via another AdWords campaign

    B) because visitors originally referred by that campaign are now returning via organic search

    C) because visitors originally referred by that campaign are now returning as Direct visitors

    D) because visitors originally referred by that campaign will always be reported as coming from that campaign

  37. <path_to_url> Burton Haynes

    Just added this weblog to my favorites. I enjoy reading your blogs and hope you keep them coming!

  38. <path_to_url> Mohsin Ali

    nice to see you………

  39. <path_to_url> Ajay Sharma

    nice work sir.. i want to ask a question
    Whats is the use of backlinks?

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