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Sometimes Gmail messages information will mix in with web results when people sign up and do Google searches. No need to worry, store as today Google released a “field trial” in search results, ambulance after a search, you’ll find matching messages appearing along the right-side of your screen.

This is protection against personal information perhaps being exposed accidentally to those who might be nearby, such as looking over your shoulder.


You can drill-down further by clicking on a message appearing at right-side, making it appear within Google search, with a further option to open it within Gmail. Using the word “gmail” in your search turn out a different behaviour, making results appear in the middle of your listings and without hiding the contents.

The idea here seems to be that if you’re clearly saying “gmail” with a search, you’re not going to be surprised if you get Gmail results. If you click on the “Gmail message” link that appears, you’re then taken into Gmail itself, where the search you started on Google Search runs again.

The exciting assistance Google has done with flight-related information. If you search for “my flights,” and you have emails such as airline confirmations, Google is smart enough to figure out if you’re about to fly and give you tracking information.

Google App accounts don’t work with the field trial. Means this feature is useless for all emails of any Google Apps user.

No one is automatically added to this program. As it’s very important to understand that if you do enter the program, you are not exposing your email in search results to the entire world. Only then when you signed-in to your Google Account, you will see any matching Gmail messages mixed with your search results.

For now the trial is open to the first 1 million people. For sign-up click . If you decide to leave the program, you can also disable it on the same page.

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  1. <path_to_url> Eric Scism

    This is very interesting. I’ve heard about them doing this awhile ago, but not sure if they still have it rolled out. I haven’t seen any of my email appearing in the search results yet. Lets hope it stays there.

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