Advantages of Business and Personal Blogging

Weblogs, buy or simply blogs, ed originally got their start as a platform designed for personal expression. Typically used as an online journal, or a way to let others know what was going inside the individual’s mind, it quickly emerged as one of the most powerful informational tools on the Internet. Today, a blog stands at the pinnacle of a specialized industry, and is recognized as an implement for businesses and individuals to establish, develop and enhance their online presence.


Business Blogging:

Nearly every business around the world can use the progressive leveraging power of blogging to enhance their company’s branding, and create interest to a targeted audiences both locally and globally. Creating a business blog can offer significant advantages and benefits to the company that includes:

  • An Inexpensive Solution – Unlike the need of hiring a creative team of website designers to develop a comprehensive business site, companies can instantly create an effective blog within minutes. The top blogging platforms offer free tools, integrated easy-to-understand dashboards, and wordpress themes to anyone wishing to develop a business or personal blog.
  • An Informal Setting – Without the need to follow the strict guidelines of a business website, companies can use the inherent informality of a blog to generate interest in the services and products they sell, by speaking directly to their targeted audience.
  • Creative Designs – With available tools offered by blogging and WordPress platforms, there are thousands of themes to instantly create an attractive designed blog that represents a professional or corporate-looking site.
  • Easy Integration – Once the business blog has been created, it is easily integrated into the company’s existing website as a standalone, sub-domain, or in its own section on the site. Accessing a weblog designed through a third-party platform can be migrated into the company website, or by interlinking the blog and website for redirection.
  • Online Marketing Advantages – An active blog works as an effective vehicle for marketing a company’s services and products. Posting informal messages about the company, new products available, accomplishments of employees, promotions within the business, or as a corporate channel for any business messaging, the weblog adds another dimension to the company’s marketing strategies.
  • Communication – Unlike the company website, a business blog is designed for interactivity with visitors and customers, allowing for feedback, reviews and comments about the company and their products/services.
  • Flexibility – Typically, the company website is designed as a static interaction between the customer and the business. Alternatively, a blog is used as a dynamic tool with daily/weekly updates in a less formal setting. This flexibility allows for quick announcements, daily promotions or simply a place for instant connectivity with the company’s customer base.
  • Company Personality – A creative and active business blog can be used to project the personality of the company. It can be an effective tool for interaction with clients, customers, and potential business associates, investors, and even employees to display the credibility and leadership of the organization.
  • SEO Benefits – a well-written blog that focuses on information and details about company business can easily attract many visitors and potential customers from search engines. The company blog can help increase SEO rankings for both the blog, and the company website, to dramatically increase traffic on both sites. As new visitors are drawn to the weblog using keywords and keyword phrasing, they can be re-directed to the company website. This will increase the size of the business footprint, along with company awareness and reach.


Personal Blogging:

Researchers, journalists and aspiring writers all use a weblog to interactively connect with the world. Unlike business bloggers, individual blogging can be about developing writing skills, building and displaying a body of work, establishing initiative, networking, or as a source of income.

Developing Writing Skills – Successful personal bloggers typically post authentic, accurate information to their readers that have been thoroughly researched. In time, each quality posts will help develop the individual’s writing skills, while they engage their readers through communication.

Body of Work – An online personal blog is an ideal way to display a body of work. Individuals can create a significant edge over their competitors by building personal branding to prospective employers, associates or clients.

Initiative – Quality blogging can help establish initiative and display a proactive attitude to the readers.

Networking – Through comments and feedback, the individual blogger can create an effective network of associates, employers, clients and other bloggers.

A Source of Income – Many successful, well-written blogs have transformed into cash-cows. High-quality blogging can easily attract many followers, visitors and readers that will instantly monetize the blogging site from generated advertising revenue.

Weblogs are an effective tool for both businesses and individuals. Only recently have they become a potent and prominent tool that can enhance awareness and reach. Frequently submitting quality, well-written posts to the blog will improve the performance of search engine results and enhance the interaction of the reader base. Blogging can quickly accrue marketing benefits that are simply impossible to do in any other available form.


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