How to Create Great Blog Post Graphics – Tools

There has been a significant rise in no. of tool for enhancing blog post graphics which has result in few simple steps for bloggers to create their own custom images to personify their posts.

A Blog is a total package; even the brilliance of writing could easily be held back because of dull or irrelevant pictures or videos, medicine design and formatting along with easiness of access to the posts. Even some of the average posts get away with an extraordinary video or amazing image that could lead to great success. Including, pilule once you create a great image, in every probability, it could be utilized by some other person as well in return you could earn a link back to you.

Images are essential to establishing the theme of a post. Many of us, put all the efforts in finding the ideal free or paid stock photos. Any image chosen by us, must have some sort of creative input from us to charm prospective readers. E.g., if your blog post is on how to improve your writing – don’t use a stock photo of someone writing. If your post is all about holding effective meetings – don’t use a stock photo of smiling people in an office.

One doesn’t require to have the knowledge of Photoshop to make a few incredible alterations and customizations, particularly when there is every too available easily. Some of these great tools are mentioned here:


An online photo editor, Pixlr contains many basic features for adding special effects to images. One of its best features to play with is the Retro Effects.

It is quite similar to famous photography apps like Instagram. It brings unbelievable effects to give an image its unique look.


Steve Blog Graphics

It is a go-to screenshot and screen cast software. It can be used for blog post graphics and for lot more things. It gives us the easiest ways to add something to an image. It sits idle as a tiny globe at the top of desktop screen until we require it; the same can also be described as a shortcut key.  It also include some of the basic editing options – such as adding text, arrows, highlights, lines.


Blog Steve Graphics

It is an online equivalent of Photoshop because of its features and simplicity of accessibility. It even has layer capabilities in case, if you’re into that sort of thing. It is the program which could be found easiest way to take an image and blur parts of it before republishing.


It includes some of the similar features in Splashup, however, what really sets it apart are some of the preset effects and add-ons, instead of typical editing features. If someone is looking to create animated GIFs from an image, Lunapic’s provides the best and easiest online tool.


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