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Google Analytics Upcoming Interface – Design Snapshots 5

Google Analytics New Features, Design

Google shared a new look version of Google Analytics in at the Google Analytics User Conference in San Francisco. This new research came from a small group of Analytics users who participate in the testing. Google said to users “If you’re part of this group you’ll see a link to the new version in your Analytics account.”

Google announced in their blog about this upcoming future. This new version will help users to build analytics easier and faster to get to the data they want and to boost the Google Analytics platform to bring major new functionality to them. Many Continue Reading >>

I’m Google Analytics Individual Certified Professional (GAIQ) 21

Yesterday, I’ve cleared the Google Analytics Individual Certification exam and got 85% score. Here’s my certificate:

Ankush Kohli Google Analytics Certificate

It was a lovely experience. Questions were a bit confusing rather than tough but I enjoyed a lot!

You will find lot of exam tips and tricks on Google, however as provides you all practical tips so here are the collection of Google Analytics Certification exam tips and tricks:

Few Notes:

  • Google Analytics IQ test was launched in March 2009
  • Total 70 Questions
  • Total Time = 90 Minutes. On avearge basis, 1 min and 17 seconds for each question
  • Maximum time to finish
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More Than 100% New Visitors on a Website? 11

I was also shocked to see this but Yeah this is true! This week, I notice that my blog is showing not only more than 100% in fact more than 500% “New Visits” traffic stats. First I thought a lot about it that how it’s possible. Is this a Google error or I’m not updated? But then I Google it and found techacid post also on the same topic, posted on 5th March’2009. Here are the snapshots of traffic stats:

More Than 100% New Visitors Snapshot

Another Snapshot of 22nd March (Previous Day) Traffic Stats:

More Than 100% New Visitors

It’s not only the New Visits, it’s also Continue Reading >>

Google Analytics 7 New Features 6

Google Analytics 7 New Features

Today, I got a mail from Google Analytics with an annoucement that they’ve added 7 more rich features in Google Analytics. With these features users will be able to get quicker insights, create deeper customizations, do more advanced analysis and track more mobile marketing! These features are rolled out on every server.

Probably, you’ll be already aware of 1 or 2 features. Check out the features details:

Custom Alerts: As the subpart of “Intelligence” tab, custom alerts monitors data patterns over daily, weekly and monthly periods. Significant changes in data trends and insights you may not have noticed Continue Reading >>