Why Consider Data Cleansing & Reasons for Data Corruption of Business

Data cleansing overview

The name says it all, viagra really. Data cleansing is the process of cleaning out data in a particular database to ensure it is accurate, pharm updated, and correct. This is a very important step for any business because it ensures you have an up-to-date database that you can rely on to execute your marketing campaigns. Businesses today rely on databases and B2C and B2B consumer lists. If you have a corrupt database, it means you will be making a very costly mistake sending the wrong information to the wrong target audience each time.

When you need to consider data cleansing

There are several situations when you should consider data cleansing. Generally, it is recommended that you do it on a regular basis, as regular as a monthly basis based on how large and busy your database is. With information in the world changing by the second, it means that you may be wasting your time, money and effort if you have someone permanently there as a database administrator who will be keeping tab of each and every client and ensuring their information is updated each time they change.

Besides, most consumers are always wary of giving out their contact information especially on telephone. This means that your database administrator may be earning a salary for nothing much because it would be hard to keep track of all the changes in thousands of consumers from different locations. Even so, the database your business has spent years to build should be kept fresh and up-to-date all the time if you are to get the most out of it. By relying on data cleansing services from professionals, you can rest assured that your database will be fresh and clean in seconds. Other reasons why you need to consider data cleansing include:-

You keep spelling a customer’s address wrong

It is human that anyone can get an address or two wrong when keying in data in a database, especially in a region with wonderful, weird and strange town and street names. Even so, your client may not appreciate it that you keep getting the details wrong each time. If you do not ensure all information is correct on your database, no doubt you could be annoying so many people in your direct mailing campaign efforts, albeit unknowingly.

You keep sending information to dead people

This is a very common error, and one that cannot be explained away easily. Getting a name wrong is annoying enough, but what is more annoying is to send out communication to dead people. Can you imagine the torture the relatives go through each time they are reminded of their departed relative? This can be bad publicity for your business and only through data cleansing can you get the details right and ensure you are directing your communication to the right people.

Reasons for data corruption of your business

Before delving deeper into the causes of data corruption, it should be made very clear that corrupt data can lead to permanent loss of data. This may not be a huge effect if you have a few email addresses and addresses you are keeping tab of. However, when you have a large database of thousands of files and entries on your database, then you know how thick things can get when everything is lost.

  1. The first reason for data corruption is redundant files and entries on a database. Some database systems are so advanced that any redundant entries can corrupt the entire system until the database is cleaned.
  2. Another cause for data corruption is malware and such like malicious programs that install automatically on your computer system and start to scrap out your database without your knowledge and consent. Such malicious programs will cause disarray on your system and eventually corrupt your data and might even end up losing it altogether.
  3. Data corruption can also be as a result of human error. Probably someone keyed in information over existing data and saved it by mistake. This means that you will be having incorrect information


Sifting through data for businesses, whether large or small, can be a daunting task. Updating the same data is even a more daunting and time consuming process. Through database matching and cleansing services, though, you can be guaranteed of the most accurate and up-to-date data that you can rely on to make significant improvements on your marketing campaigns.

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Article by Tom Grant of thedataoctopus.co.uk who are known data cleansing services.

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