How to Maximize Your Email Marketing Campaigns through Split Testing

AB Split Testing

A successful email marketing campaign is part of the formula to gaining massive profits. When a business owner has a campaign that will keep subscribers peeled, then he or she can look forward to outstanding success in a short period of time. Some business owners have been able to maximize the success of their email marketing campaigns in a month’s time, and this is done by split testing. This split testing is done so business owners can find out what works best for their email marketing campaigns and stick with it. If you are wondering how to maximize the success of your email marketing campaigns through split testing, it is essential that you follow the below tips.

Test different subject lines. Different subject lines can impact your subscribers in different ways. Some subject lines will cause your subscribers to quickly dismiss your messages, giving them little to no regard. Then there are those subject lines that cause your subscribers to open the email messages instantly. Power words that you want to include in your subject lines include, but are not limited to:

  • Compelling
  • Outstanding
  • Success
  • Complete
  • Surprise
  • Top
  • Free
  • Absolutely
  • Strong
  • Secrets
  • Proven
  • Quickly
  • Solution
  • Exciting
  • Instantly
  • Private
  • Critical
  • Crucial
  • Ensure

Of course, there are many more compelling words you can use in your subject lines. These listed here are to get you started. Using these words, create three subject lines that pertain to your respective product or service. Monitor the open rates closely to see which subject lines generate the best results and use the ones that are the most favorable for your email marketing campaign.

Try out different types of messages and see how they impact your list. There are a variety of messages that you can use to reach your audience, and it is essential that you test each one out to see what works for you. The message types that are used for email marketing campaigns are video, HTML, and plain text. You just have to find out which message format works for your particular campaign and then stick with the one that does.

Change your email template around and make note of how these changes affect your email marketing campaign. Let’s face it. Many are attracted to the things that appeal to them visually. A well designed, eye grabbing template is what is needed to make your email marketing campaign explode. In order to make the absolute, best template, it is essential that you design a few templates to see which is the most appealing. When you find the template that works, then you need to stick with it.

Place the link in different parts of your message and note how these changes affect your marketing campaign. Some email marketers put the link in the beginning of their messages. Others choose to put the link in the middle or towards the end. What you need to do is to make three copies of the message and put the link in the beginning of one message, in the middle of another and at the end of the other. After you find out what works, stick to keeping the link where your readers like it.

Test out the length of your messages. You need to see how long your customers are willing to tolerate reading. The way that you do this is by writing three different messages at three different lengths. If you find that your customers favour the messages that are short and sweet, then it is fitting for you to figure out how to convey your message to your subscribers in a few short and simple sentences.

In order to test how your email marketing campaign is doing and maximize its success, you need a program that will not only track how many people open your emails; you need to see how many people click through to your website. AWeber, GetResponse, Net Effekt and Constant Contact seem to be the most popular programs because they are feature rich. These programs allow marketers to tailor email templates to fit their specific needs, whether or not they have experience. These programs also facilitate tracking email open rates and click through rates. In order to see which of these programs you like best, you can take advantage of the trials that they have to offer.

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