Now Pay for Clicks on Directions on AdWords Location Extensions

Last Friday, Google announced on their blog that they’re going to charge for Google Adwords local extensions clicks. If you’re thinking What is Adwords local extensions then here’s quick overview…

A way for your location extension-enabled ads to show directly on the map. Adwords team is integrating information from ads with location extensions into the Place Search map on On the map, this location will be marked with a distinctive blue pin. See snapshot:

Google Adwords Location ExtensionsAccording to Google: Till now, we were enjoying this feature without paying anything but very soon, Google is going to charge approximately the same amount they’re charging on adwords ad if someone click on local extension. If you don’t want directions to come-up with adwords listing then you can do this by removing the location extensions associated with your campaign but Adwords team strongly believe that local extensions give “valuable information to local customers about your business”. So think again before ignoring this feature…

Further, these clicks will be count on desktop as-well-as mobile platforms. You can view the metrics in segment tab. Are you happy with announcement or have something to say, speak here or at webmasterworld post.

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    Is that worth to place adwords local extension? Will it increase the click ? If yes, i don’t mind to paid for the extension while it useful for customers able to looking for you and know you are from local business.

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