How to Increase Traffic to My Blog – Best Methods

In today web world, there are probably billions of blogs and the most common question among webmasters is “How to Increase Traffic on My Blog”?. Generate traffic is more like an art instead of science. It require your time, patience and hard work. You can boost your blog or website traffic by implementing following suggestions:

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  1. Add Subscriptions and Email link: Use RSS feedburner and email option on your blog so that user who a good experience and want to come back have sign up option to subscribe for email notification of recent post or updates. To increase traffic or visits put visible buttons on top of your blog or at the sidebar, to invite user who enjoy your content.
  2. Analysis Your Keyword While Writing Post: Always optimize a post title and headline with help of keyword research to target a specific traffic or users. By using a Google tool called as AdWords Keyword Tool, some of the blogging CMS (WordPress etc) provide you keyword plugins of their own where no need to use Google AdWord.

    Keyword search is targeting the terms and phrases your audience are actually typing into a search engines. When you search your “post idea or word” in adwords it will show you matching phrases, intent or terms type by users in search engines, use “exact match” options to get best results. Perfect keyword targeting gives you value by using the phrase effectively in the title of the blog post, and writing high quality content about the subject.
  3. Analyze Your Traffic Through Google Analytics: Analytics will tell you from where visits originate, sources of quality traffic, how much you earned, where you’re succeeding, and from where you have more opportunity. It will tell your mistakes too.
  4. Be a Part of Popular Conversation:  Being a part of forums, portals or big sites is getting attention from those interested in the discussion and potentially get links and traffic from the industry leaders as part of the process. Get discussed, generate conversations, arguments and competitive behavior on other blogs and sites. Some popular sources can be Seomoz, Search Engine Journal, Techmeme and Mashable.
  5. Comment/Interact On Others Blog: You can achieve great link and visibility through comment posting other niche blogs.

    To get the benefit be aware of the name and the URL you use when commenting. Uniformity matters in linking to internal pages by using a name for keyword-spamming as only a few add real value, and even fewer are truly fascinating and remarkable. Blogger sit up and think to approve comments so that it didn’t harm his blog. For better understanding on it read article on comment marketing.
  6. Contact And Email Me: Make sure you’re not ignoring to share email signature or contact information on your blog, it have an opportunity in a conversation with you.
  7. Do Guest Blogging: Guest blogging can be useful way to extend your brand by in earning early external links and references back to your site, which will take direct traffic to your blog and increase your  search rankings.  Where you will allow others to write post on your blog or you can write post on others blog to get a link. Have a phenomenal piece of writing to publish that’s never been shared before and give them the ability to read it.

    To get good guest blogger on your blog, present value of posting on your site by highlighting statistics like traffic data, social followers, and RSS subscribers to convince. First you need to find relevant audience and sites, second researching the posts that succeed on your target site, the makeup of the audience, and you’ll earn a much higher return with each post. Social networking sites (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter) are great sources to find guest blogging opportunities.
  8. Don’t Give Up Soon: Try hard and don’ give up at early build your brand with these strategies soon you will get a value result.
  9. Have Unique Features and Design: Readers first look at a blog design and features, the power of flashy design and usable feature can’t ignore. Blogger can make a big difference or harvest amazing benefits on the traffic, sharing and impact on every post you write.
  10. Involve Yourself in Sites Q+A: The best examples are  Yahoo! Answers,, Hubpages and more every day, thousands of people ask questions on the web to have better answer. Engage in high value Q+A community with quality questions to answer. The question receives high visibility and linking back by producing an actual blog post or getting social traffic/referrals.
  11. Join Communities Where Targeted Audience Already Present: Spend your time to find out places where a large portion of your audience available on the web. Once you’ve achieve the communities where your targeted readers gather, you can start joining them by creating an account or read what others have written. Probably you already know a few blogs, forums, websites and social media communities where discussions and content are being posted on your topic being a good web citizen and you’ll get good traffic, trust and fans.
  12. Known your competitor: Everybody hates to be compared and rated against one another or love when somebody publishes them in a list of “the best or the top” in their field, and everyone who’s ranked in the list highly praise it sharing it and links to it. Know best of your niche as Bloggers, publishers and site owners of web world. Try to get every highlight of resource that lists as best by sources like blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, individual posts, people, conferences are an excellent ways for earning traffic and becoming a known in our field.
  13. Organize Your Blog Content From SEO Point: To obtain huge traffic opportunity on your blog, search engine optimization is simple and easy way to set up. A right SEO can help you to absorb your writing mistakes and taking advantage of SEO is of tremendous value to bloggers. SEO have different way of advertising like guest posting, press release, affiliate marketing etc or you can visit a relevant source How To Write A Good Blog. SEO can build traffic and success to your blog, will grip thousands of visitors to your blog by optimized searches.
  14. Participate In Events: To gather immense information or updates of your niche you can attend social events or organize your own, the more people you meet and connect with in real-world are more likely to naturally lead to discussions about your blog and ways you can help each other. This will give you links, tweets, shares, likes and general business development. It will be worth attending any meetups, conferences or gatherings after identifying its usefulness.
  15. Post Content Which Audience Share to Appreciate: Targeting blog content that audience’s like-share to help spread the word with the great infographics that strike a harmony, beautiful videos that tell a story and amazing collections of facts that challenge common assumptions are all targeted at audiences love to share. As readers naturally less active in evangelizing the work you do.
  16. Review Your Readers: Like what your readers want from you or analysis kind/type of readers visiting your site or which part they are reading most or spending how much of time. It will benefit you to improve your forecasting or where you suspect showing the distribution of viewpoint, usage or opinions can be helpful.
  17. Share Your Posts on Social Networks: If you haven’t, register yourself at a Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn do it now. These networks are attracting vast amounts users around the world on internet, and those participate on these sites fit into the “content distributors” list. Fill out more information on these profiles to the fullest possible extent. Start following industry achiever, influencers and connectors. And share your own blog great stuff (posts/content) to make a positive impression about you and chance to go “viral” and earn sharing from others. For bloggers, social media is the largest source of traffic, when SEO is a less consistent driver.
  18. Use Photos And Graphics With Proper Link: You can show your own talent and creativity or upload someone known’s who can produce funny cartoons, paintings, illustrate graphics or take photos, with proper licensing to improve the engagement and enjoyment of your visitors and create another traffic source via Image Search. You link your image with any of your post or divert your visitor to any relevant page else people will use your images without linking back.

This is Sujata. I'm an email marketing expert and writer, editor for eMarketinGuide. Love to write for social media, blogging and email marketing. You can find me on @Twitter and on Pinterest.

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