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13 Tips to Turn Your Business Blog into A Success

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You have set up a Blog for your business. What is new about that? Why will anyone be interested to read about your business? Why’ll any of the web users follow your blog regularly? You’ll have to provide the reasons to them, so that they flock around your blog. You have to make your blog so interesting, that once a visitor reads any of your blog post, he’ll return back again to find what you have to say on a new topic.

Blogs have been recognized as a marketing tool for businesses, since a long time. If you intend to Continue Reading >>

Google Drive (G-Drive) – Launch in April First Week?

Google Drive - Free Online Storage Service

Google is supposedly ready to launch their cloud-based storage service known as Drive, as early as the first week of April.The service will allegedly come with 1GB of free storage with the option to purchase more, will include a local client and a web interface that looks like Google Docs, and will have a domain-specific Google Apps version.Also, there will be an available API for third party use, unlike that of Google Music for folks to store content on the Drive from other applications.

Plenty of hypothetical Drive launch dates have already come and gone. Inside sources have confirmed that Continue Reading >>

10 Best Graphic Design Samples

Thanks for the huge love to my artwork designs. In this article, I’m showcasing my latest graphic designs. I try to sum up current state-of-the-art graphic designs. The key feature of modern graphic design is simplicity so in these designs, whole my concentration was on simplicity. Well, here I post some of my best graphic designs & characters. Hope you like them:

Advertisement & Sales Banner

Lovely Face Expressions

Edited Image

Box Design

Vector Design

Girl & Boy with Mobile

Budha Face Expression

Skull Design

Cartoon Character Design

Vector-Girl Design Continue Reading >>

10 Beautiful ArtWork Designs

Today, I’m very happy to publish some of my favorite artwork wallpapers in eMarketinGuide Blog, designed with the help of Illustrator and PhotoShop tools.

Cute Puppet
The Genius Ganesha
Small Fish
Stranger Eye
Eagle - Black Hawks
The Sweet Dog
ClassRoom with Teachers & Students
Can Be a Giant Face
Not a Human Skull

Will post more designs work for you people but before that please share your views/comments on these images.

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