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  1. Outlook Social Connect – Microsoft has struck deals with LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace that will bring your disparate networks of friends and colleagues to Outlook. It’ll give you power to bring status updates and user photos to your e-mail.
  2. Search any specific folder in Gmail: As you search spam, you can also search any particular folder in your Gmail. For e.g. if you want to search only in drafts then use “in:Drafts (keyword)”. It’ll only give the search results from drafts folder.
  3. Gmail adoption is growing faster internationally than in the U.S., Reinstein said on 14th March’10 in SXSW Interactive. He said, Gmail holds the top spot in email usage in India at the moment.
  4. New Gmail Etacts plugin – This Etacts plug-in automatically adds detailed contact information to the sidebar of messages. You not only get links to any social networks that contact is a part of, and some of the information contained therein (such as their occupation and location), but you also get a detailed summary of your mailing history with them, complete with nice little graphs and charts as well. All this information is also available in compose mode as well, so you know exactly who you’re sending it to. Screen-shots & installation.
  5. Linkedin Company Buzz Application: Under “More…” link, choose “Application Directory” & select “Company Buzz” tool that allow you to discover relevant trends and comments about your company from Twitter. The tool lets you customize/modify the topics to watch and displays charts to track activity.
  6. Twitter introduced @anywhere, a tool to better connect third party sites to related Tweets. See here: http://twitter.com/anywhere
  7. WordPress 2.9+ comes with recycle bin feature: Any post which gets deleted intentionally or accidentally by the users can be retrieved and restored from the trash area. The posts remain in the recycle bin for a default period of 30 days and get removed permanently there after. With WordPress 2.9 the users can also edit the wp-config.php file and have the option to control the trash bin.
  8. Wikipedia.org is the No. 1 website in the race of organic traffic with 15,421,396 keywords however Google.com is receiving traffic only from 3,993,082. Source: semrush.
  9. Track Facebook Fan Pages with Google Analytics. See here: webdigi
  10. Useful Firefox Shortcuts, help you to increase productivity

    • Ctrl + 1 = select leftmost tab
    • Ctrl + 2-8 = select open taba in their order from left to right
    • Ctrl + 9 = Choose rightmost tab
    • Ctrl + T = Opens new tab
    • Ctrl + Tab = Select next tab in active window
    • Ctrl + Shift + Tab = Select previous tab in active window
    • Ctrl + Shift + T = Undo close tab
    • Ctrl + F4/W = To close active window

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    Good list. #4 looks interesting.

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