Google Sitelinks Tips and Best Practices

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year once again. Recently, I saw my new year gift from Google and that is: “One Line Sitelinks for” Have a look on below mentioned snapshot, how it’s looking:

eMG one line sitelinks listing

Here are some of the basic and advance but important tips to bring sitelinks for your site:

  1. SEO is Important: Your blog / site should have optimized title, description and keywords Meta tags. If you own a WordPress blog, you can try All-in-one-SEO-pack but basis search engine optimization is required for every site.
  2. Remove Broken Links: Make your website error free by removing the 404 / error links.
  3. Number of WebPages: Unless your website / blog have some articles it is impossible to get sitelinks. Your blog should have at-least 20-25 WebPages.
  4. Internal Linking: The best way to bring sitelnks is interlinking. Interlink your important WebPages from different other WebPages (which you want to think in sitelinks). It also helps from users and usability perspective to increase page views and users stay time.
  5. Good and Simple Navigation: Your blog should have good and simple navigation system. Try to have a <ul> and <li> list of links at the top for your blog. Put the navigation links in these tags. They also consider title tags of the pages.
  6. Search Engines Traffic: If you get lot of traffic from search engines your blog will surely get familiar and it will be easy for getting sitelinks. Your blog should have High click through rates.
  7. Searches and Clicks: The number of searches and the no. of clicks that your blog gets for a certain keyword will also be considered for sitelinks. Your blog should also get many clicks for the searched keyword.
  8. Flow of Traffic: Your WebPages should have a consistent flow of traffic to get Google Sitelinks. If the traffic sources are from Search Engines, you should be more than happy.
  9. Blog’s Age: It was time when you need to wait for a year or so to get one or multi-line sitelinks. Now-a-days, Google can assign sitelinks to your site within 4-5 months, those WebPages should be high relevant to their users.
  10. Quality Content: Content is the king and it’ll provide you the targeted traffic so update your blog with quality content on a regular basis.
  11. Link Bait: If you write a quality article copy, then you’ll get the advantage of link bait.
  12. Sitemap: Create an error free sitemap, include all the links in the sitemap. Make sure to submit the sitemap in Google webmaster tool.
  13. Reconsider Your Site: If you didn’t get sitelinks even after applying above mentioned tips, then you should request Google to reconsider your site. You have this option in Google Webmaster Tools.

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    Congratulations for your Sitelinks and thanks for the tips!!

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    Thanks 4 the info and every point which you have told here is pretty much correct(mainly 5, 7 & 10 points).

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    The Above article has mentioned great Idea, but i have read that thousands of time in Many blog. Can you Please explain more about that should differ from others idea. That will help me out for my clients. Well Creating links, generatin meta tag and much other is also important in seo.
    Thank you.

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    Great article…… will come again for more good updates

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    quality tips mate.

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    This post includes the most important tips and recommendations on onsite optimization.

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    Many Thanks. Now need some tips how to find time to do all that 🙂

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