Videos – Must for E-commerce Industry

Probably, medical this is my last post of 2010 and also the final post about 2011 best marketing predictions practices. This post is about videos, which really helps almost every product or services in the industry. The only goal behind marketing or business development is to increase the sales and video is the best way, which really helps to boost the sales figures.

Video Snapshot

I’m a big fan of reelseo and I also read their articles. Last year, they predict the video marketing and everyone can see the reaction. Now, they’re predicting video importance for each retailer in 2011. Here are the reasons, why:

Video will maintain Retail Prices:
Video galleries not only keep visitors on sites an average of two minutes longer than pages without video, they support inbound traffic efforts with powerful SEO juice. All these factors add up to more sales at a higher average price, helping reverse downward pressure on margins. Ecommerce video also provides retailers with flexibility to enhance the online shopping experience, raising the chances of engaging comparison shoppers.

Mobile users easily accustom to Video:
In 2011, iPad sales are projected to grow by 127% and consumers are likely to reach for their phones. As mobile devices become more popular for shopping so buyers want to see the demo / video and purchase products.

Video will expand Social Presence:
As the top flash-sales sites are expected to generate $900 million in revenue by the end of 2010 so video will naturally become a key component of social communities.

Multiple Business Objectives, boost with Video:
Videos fit not only on the product page, but on the category page as in video galleries, and in email campaigns. Businesses will also begin using video more actively for other purposes like: in customer service. Retailers that have tested and proven video and will begin larger deployments, while retailers who have been slower to adopt will face the problem of catching up quickly. In 2011, retailers take advantage of video’s flexibility by using it for additional purposes.

Videos response was excellent in the year 2010 and I’m sure it’ll be very helpful to retailers in 2011. To keep ahead in the race, you need to adopt the latest technology & their improvements otherwise you won’t be the winner of the game.

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