Adwords Ad SiteLinks – Snapshots & Detailed Overview

In November 2009, there Google Adwords team introduced Adwords Ad SiteLinks. Recently, viagra last month (in June) they put a post on their blog with a Ad Sitelink snapshot. They wrote:

Today, we’re introducing a new one-line format that allows you to get the benefits of Ad Sitelinks for even more of your campaigns, including your more generic, unbranded campaigns.

Adwords Ad SiteLinks” is a hot topic since Adwords team post about this first time and till now as they’re testing this feature in every aspect.

I was browsing my other online marketing friends blogs & then I noticed few posts and snapshots about “Ad SiteLinks” so I thought to publish a post on it because it’ll be valuable to other online marketers as well.

Here’s the few “Ad SiteLinks” snapshots:

“Sinead” posted a complete guide on Ad SiteLinks at she posted shanpshot with how to setup sitelinks for your campaign details etc. Nice posts by: and

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