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Few Web Updates / Insights – Part 2

November 2010 by  |  22 Comments

Chrome Surpasses Firefox To Become Second Most Popular Web Browser. “iPhone” topped Yahoo‘s U.S. top searches list for 2011, edging out Casey Anthony, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry. Previously, it happened in 2002, when PlayStation 2 took the number one spot. Google+ is rolling out a feature that allows its users to make free conference […]

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Why Local Search Marketing is Getting More Importance

November 2010 by  |  17 Comments

Why Local Search Marketing is Getting More Importance

From last few months, I was experimenting on local search marketing and finally after a lot of research and education, I believe the power of it and I’m sure you’ll also believe it. Here, I’m sharing my experience with you. What is Local Search Marketing – Local search is one of the most potential and […]

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I’m Google Analytics Individual Certified Professional (GAIQ)

September 2010 by  |  21 Comments

I'm Google Analytics Individual Certified Professional (GAIQ)

Yesterday, I’ve cleared the Google Analytics Individual Certification exam and got 85% score. Here’s my certificate: It was a lovely experience. Questions were a bit confusing rather than tough but I enjoyed a lot! You will find lot of exam tips and tricks on Google, however as provides you all practical tips so here […]

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Few Web Insights –

March 2010 by  |  3 Comments

Few Web Insights -

Outlook Social Connect – Microsoft has struck deals with LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace that will bring your disparate networks of friends and colleagues to Outlook. It’ll give you power to bring status updates and user photos to your e-mail. Search any specific folder in Gmail: As you search spam, you can also search any particular […]

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