How to Create Fan Pages on Facebook

Some people create Facebook Fan Page for branding, entertainment, representing their business etc. Brands today have the incredible opportunity of interacting with consumers on the social network & marketing plan in the world of Facebook.

It is the public’s wish and feedback that will decide the brand’s fate in the end. Creating relationships with them that are long lasting, personal and relevant.

Let’s Decide a Group or a Fan Page?

Groups are grand for organizing on a personal level and for smaller scale interaction around a cause. Unlike a Group, developers who build applications have some of them available for your Page. This means that you can elect to have an RSS feed box to show your latest blog posts on your Page.

You can develop & grow fan page as per your wish with updates to an unlimited number of people, and keep the focus on the organization without revealing the administrator (unless you want to).

Simple Steps to Create a Fan Page:

  • Login to you facebook account and if you don’ have account create an account on facebook.
  • Look a little end of your home page  at the right and click the “Create a page” link
  • It will now ask you demographic information. Choose suitable category for your page, it will show you options like product or service, country wide or worldwide?
  • Fill this out, and type in desired info, contact details & the name of your Facebook Page. Choose wisely, because you can’t change it.
  • Proceed as prompted!
  • To activate your page, you will need to “Publish” it. There will be a link to prompt you to do this.
  • Next steps will be adding different applications to the page to jazz it up a bit.
  • To manage it, a link called “Ads and Pages” will always be on the left under application. Follow these same directions to create one of those Facebook social ads. You can use “Share with friends” link also.

Define Your Purpose, here are three questions to consider:

  • Why Do You Want a Fan Page?
  • How Will Your Fan Page Differ From Your Website?
  • What is Your “It” Factor?

Answer these questions it will help you figure out what you bring to the table that’s different from your competitors and uniqueness build on that within your Fan Page strategy.

Once you’re clear on why you want to create a Fan Page, you’re ready to create a plan of action.  The Fan Page is part of your business strategy and you should approach it just as you would any other business endeavor. Here are Some Tips:

  1. Open Page – For the Social Media Examiner Fan Page, although we jump in and engage with our fans at all times throughout the day, we’ve designed time chunks for specific content.  Facebook has created Facebook pages for commercial companies to be able to carry on conversations with their consumers. Upload a logo or photo with a web address at the bottom. It won’t be clickable, but fans can see where to go if they want to visit your website.
  2. Use FBML to create a landing page – A landing page is just good direct marketing. FBML is Facebook’s version of HTML, which you can use with an application called Static FBML. The idea is that instead of sending people to your wall, as most people do, you send them to a landing page with whatever message you want to provide. This lets you render basic HTML in a box or tab on your page. You won’t find it in your default applications, or you can search in the application directory.
  3. Content Strategy – When you’re initially building your Facebook page, fill it up with interesting and relevant content buy adding dynamic content. Make sure to regularly upload good content to your so that fans will want to see your page on when they open up their Facebook in the morning. Make sure that before you start inviting people to your page, you’ll have good & high quality of content to show them.
  4. Target your audience – Those brands that have understood this point and are reaching out to their target audience within Facebook . Finding the relevant audience within Facebook and let them know that you’re there, that will take an interest in your brand and in your campaigns.
  5. Conversation awake – Always make sure to be attentive, patient and reply as promptly as possible. Get your fans involved in your discussions, ask for their feedback, and show them you care about what they have to say.
  6. Link your page from sources – Put an icon or link in your newsletter, on your website or blog, in your email footer, everywhere. Email and blog it does an email blast driving subscribers to your fan page. This will increase your exposure.
  7. Create a Welcome tab – Welcome new fans to your home on Facebook. Welcoming to all the new comers and a good opportunity to let them know what they can find on your page. Through a Facebook page that says “Howdy”.
  8. Utilize Facebook’s Insights – How many interactions did you have with fans this week? How many people commented on your posts? Where are your fans located? Are they mostly female or male? The answers to these questions will of course enable you to make better use of your page plan of future activities.

You will see the value of planning out your strategy ahead of time.  Building a good, solid Facebook page may look easy and it is the best Facebook pages. Let us know your comments & thoughts.

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