How To Write A Good Blog

If you are thinking about starting to blog, I’m sure you are wondering how to write a good blog.  You don’t want to throw online just any old thing. Make a blog that you can be proud of.  If your friends and family come to it, make sure they would impressed!

So, how do you write a good blog?  Let’s talk about some of the key points.


It is very important to post to your blog regularly and consistently.  In other words, don’t post five times one week and then skip a few weeks before posting again.  Your readers will not know when (or if) you’re going to post again, so they will probably just give up on it and go elsewhere.  Don’t let that happen.

Try to post at least once a week, a few times is better.  Put a form on your blog to allow people to sign up for email updates, so that they know when you write a new post.

Include Some of “You”

People find blogs interesting that show a little of who you are as a person.  Yes, your blog may be all about business, but people want to get to know the person behind the business.  Without getting too personal, share some details of your life (with discretion) with your readers.  It will help build trust as they get to know you and find out they relate to you in some way.

Use Pictures

Pictures add so much to a blog!  Try to include one image in every post you write.  You can either take the pictures yourself or get them online.  There are some free sites that will allow you to use their images with just a link back to the artist.  Others charge a small fee to buy and use the image.

Make sure the images are relevant to the post.  Don’t post pictures of your dog or kids when you are writing about internet marketing:-)

Where To Get All That Content

If a good blog means posting regularly, how do you come up with consistent quality content?  You have some options.

  • Invite guest bloggers to write posts for your blog
  • Hire someone to write the blog for you (not really recommended as they will not have your voice so your readers won’t get to know YOU.)
  • PLR Content – buy some PLR and use it on your blog.  You can edit PLR and add to it your own stories and examples.  But it gives you a great starting point.  Online, you can find great internet marketing PLR, as well as health, pet, and various other niche PLR.

If you follow these simple suggestions, you will be able to write a good blog!

Are you ready to get started blogging, or get your current blog going stronger?  Grab some quality internet marketing PLR and keep your content fresh and updated.

Author: Laurie Neumann

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