Best Link Building Tactics & Methods

My last post was about “upcoming digital advertising trends” in the next year 2011. Digital marketing advertisements are one of the most creative strategies used to promote the websites but what about the other traditional ways like: SEO and specially the power of SEO i.e. Link Building. Google is trying very hard to differentiate between quality and non-quality links and that’s why the toughest job of SEO is to select the best links.

Here are the quick notes as best links building practices for your site in 2011:

  • Social Media – Create your profile, generate a good list of followers & engage with them. This is one of the best way to attract natural links and sometime traffic as well.
  • Google Local – Configure your website on Google Local before someone else steal it and take the benefit of reservation as-well-as the back-links.
  • Use brand name in anchor. Many other SEO’s also preferring these days to use the company or brand name as anchor instead of using keywords in links. Keyword stuffing or using the same keywords as anchor in link building is always a unrecommended tact.
  • Attract deep links. Deep links are useful.
  • Quality Quality Quality… Always focus on quality of site & the links.
  • Priority to authority – Try to choose less but only important links. It’ll be good if you keep less emphasis on PageRank

I hope, 2011 will be a year of new technology, algorithms and new hacks to rank your website in top results of search engines.

7 Responses to “Best Link Building Tactics & Methods”

  1. <path_to_url> Big Girme

    This is a good article. I am a music producer and I do need to use better links.

  2. <path_to_url> Ankush Kohli

    Yes Big Girme, start searching quality links.

  3. <path_to_url> Portwood

    I think this is very important. Thanks a lot.

  4. <path_to_url> Ankush Kohli

    No doubt portwood. Link building is the life of SEO.

  5. <path_to_url> Ankur tyagi

    hi sir,
    i m learning SEO in Agra. my teacher is nt perfectly teach me. can u help me ? sir pls. contact me. my contact no. is 09012608815. i m so upset and i gave money in my coaching.

    sir aapna chota bhai samjh kar hi call kar lena… plss plss plssssss….

  6. <path_to_url> Roy Olders

    I don’t understand your remark “It’ll be good if you keep less emphasis on PageRank” because in my opinion PageRank of the websites you get a backlink from is important.

    Roy Olders
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  7. <path_to_url> Way 2 Apps

    Thanks for the informative post on link building. I am new to the online marketing world and your tips will come handy.

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