Google+ New Feature “Search By Location”

Google Plus LogoInteresting News: Google+ is growing into a most competitive industry in today’s digital world with reliable platform in competition with Facebook, discount Twitter and LinkedIn.

One of the most interesting new features initiated, a holiday inspired endeavor that aims to deliver Google+ updates on a daily basis to come out of the facility to perform “searches by location”, like Google place where you can filter your searches by a zip code or city.

Benefit To:
Better for local businesses or marketers who use Google+ to increase visibility and exposure in their local appearance. This is a effective and powerful feature that allows to find local posts, people, hangouts, that matter most to you and improve your local network or business. A user simply has to conduct a search in Google+ as they usually do by typing in a keyword and press enter would, at the top of the page. From there the search results show up you’ll find a drop down and select the hangouts option, to filter the result just have to type a city or zip code.

The company has attempted to do this with hash “#” tags to search for posts / sparks / activities . You can pretty much find anything from people search to search the case on both the conventional and mobile web.

This feature should be of great interest to in order for users to be able to find you in the results, you must tag your update with the location you want people to see. Google+’s search features, combined with optimizing your posts with discovery in mind. It involve finding details about a hotels, markets, night clubs or what’s playing at the theater, it will help the user to finds the right information on the topic at hand.

As the new features spin in, it will continue to grow and remove incomplete or lacked features.


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