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Amazing Social Media Growth Statistics!

November 2011 by  |  5 Comments

During weekend, I read this article on jeffbullas and it was brilliant. It’ll tell you why & how social media is the future of Web. Here we go: There are 2 billion of us who are connected to the internet and have been distracted by social multi-media networking sites that are generating astounding amounts of […]

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How To Write A Good Blog

June 2011 by  |  2 Comments

If you are thinking about starting to blog, I’m sure you are wondering how to write a good blog.  You don’t want to throw online just any old thing. Make a blog that you can be proud of.  If your friends and family come to it, make sure they would impressed! So, how do you […]

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Now Pay for Clicks on Directions on AdWords Location Extensions

June 2011 by  |  1 Comment

Last Friday, Google announced on their blog that they’re going to charge for Google Adwords local extensions clicks. If you’re thinking What is Adwords local extensions then here’s quick overview… A way for your location extension-enabled ads to show directly on the map. Adwords team is integrating information from ads with location extensions into the […]

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Google Analytics Upcoming Interface – Design Snapshots

March 2011 by  |  5 Comments

Google Analytics Upcoming Interface - Design Snapshots

Google shared a new look version of Google Analytics in at the Google Analytics User Conference in San Francisco. This new research came from a small group of Analytics users who participate in the testing. Google said to users “If you’re part of this group you’ll see a link to the new version in your […]

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Google’s Science Fair – Global Web Based Talent Hunt

January 2011 by  |  7 Comments

Google's Science Fair - Global Web Based Talent Hunt

Mashable recently wrote in their blog about upcoming “Google’s Global web based Science Fair“. This fair will be live on January 11 at 9 a.m. EST and Google will host a live event on its brand new Science Fair YouTube Channel. Google is inviting students of ages from 13 to 18 from all over the […]

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Few Web Updates / Insights – Part 2

November 2010 by  |  22 Comments

Chrome Surpasses Firefox To Become Second Most Popular Web Browser. “iPhone” topped Yahoo‘s U.S. top searches list for 2011, edging out Casey Anthony, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry. Previously, it happened in 2002, when PlayStation 2 took the number one spot. Google+ is rolling out a feature that allows its users to make free conference […]

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Google Updates Live Search Results, While You Type

August 2010 by  |  4 Comments

First SEO consultant “Rob Ousbey” and then “Alexia Tsotsis from TechCrunch” confirmed about “Live updates of Google search engine results pages while inputting characters. See the video here: Google has confirmed to TechCrunch that the above video is in fact real. Gabriel Stricker, a Google spokesperson said: “At any given time we are running between […]

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Save Google Wave Project – 28000 Online Users are using Google Wave

August 2010 by  |  24 Comments

Save Google Wave Project - 28000 Online Users are using Google Wave

Google Wave was not a popular product by Google like company’s other products. When Google announced that it would be closing down Wave, there was no huge impression by online users but who knows that many people were using it. You know, 28,000 people are supporting the Save Google Wave website. Google has already stated […]

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Adwords Ad SiteLinks – Snapshots & Detailed Overview

July 2010 by  |  3 Comments

In November 2009, there Google Adwords team introduced Adwords Ad SiteLinks. Recently, viagra last month (in June) they put a post on their blog with a Ad Sitelink snapshot. They wrote: Today, we’re introducing a new one-line format that allows you to get the benefits of Ad Sitelinks for even more of your campaigns, including […]

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