Viral Marketing Ideas – Simple Techniques & Tips

Viral Marketing Ideas

Do you know, with only a small initial investment you could even receive a lot of traffic on your webpage i.e. what exactly is Viral Marketing. The theory is that if the viral promotion is appealing enough, people will forward it, which in result will bring new visitors for free.

Here are some tips and suggestions if you are thinking about trying to use viral:

Use of Forums

Forums are excellent way of revealing the first few people to your campaign, but forum moderators can tear down your viral campaign simply. It’s vital to remain on the good side of the moderators in case you want to use forums to commence the campaign.

Post your campaign in related forums only and even then only in relevant categories. Preferably, don’t use affiliate marketing links in your posts. Viral campaigns are best used to generate traffic to one place, not for already making money on the way over there.

Keep yourself away of the discussion that arises after you launch the campaign. The disadvantage of the free traffic a viral campaign can fetch is that you don’t control how your campaign will be dealt with on the net. You have to acknowledge that the online community can very well do as it pleases with your campaign. Trying to indulge thereafter more often than not reflects negative upon the campaign.

Offer a FREE Service/Product

One great way to spread awareness about your product is “Give Free“. Offer a free product or service to capture the users’ attraction. There are more chances that people will buy your product if they are satisfy with the free offer or product/service quality.

Be Unique From Others

Being unique or standing out from the crowd is the name of the game. However the most familiar gaffe is to make something that is too far-fetched. The straightforward an idea is, the better it most likely will work. But obviously, too simple won’t work either. Shun suggesting cheap emotion.

Stay away from using customary ways of advertising. You can employ existing platforms such as Youtube for sure, but if you can uncover a way of using a platform in a new and creative way, go for it. Make an effort to find ways to mash-up platforms even.

Make it Shareable

The basis of a viral campaign is that online community can share it. If possible, your whole campaign could be reduced to one URL, one e-mail, one video or even a single image. People these days prefer social networks much more rather than forwarding e-mails to others. Make certain that your campaign is easily shareable on the most widespread social networks.

Be Your Own Parody

If you able to run and launch a successful campaign, try taking advantage of that success by creating your own spin-offs before someone else does. Gaffes, deleted scenes, parodies, any unpublished bit of content you have on a successful campaign, can turn out to be another successful campaign on its own.

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