Importance of Keywords Placement in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Optimization is the whole thing in affiliate marketing. A majority of the time you begin with a losing campaign and simply make it profitable through optimization. But if you’re a fresher/un-expert, look you would be unsure, prescription how to correctly optimize for a campaign.

For newbie’s, we constantly advocate starting with self serve platforms on “cost per click” basis. For Facebook it’s everything obvious. You optimize banners while testing targeting age, keywords. But many affiliate platforms including provide you opportunity to work on keywords or placements as well as ads. Therefore you have to work on these 2 metrics.

So the question might arise in your mind that what’s more vital among keywords/placements or ads while optimizing a campaign, we suggest 90% of the time will be the keyword or placement, because each ad performs in a different way depending on the keywords.

From campaigns we run, the biggest ROI discrepancy is among keywords or sites. Several keywords just don’t work at all regardless of what ad you throw at it. But with ads, if you have an excellent placement, even the most horrible ad will obtain a few conversions. Thus, seeing that a rule of thumb, concentrate on keywords/sites first. Engrave the trash straight away there. Even if you have no profitable ad yet, maintain the lowest cost per acquisition creative. Following getting clear of various terrible trailing placements, you’ll discover that you’re breaking even or even profiting from previously “red” ads.

When you start running your theoretically profitable combination you may realize it’s still losing you money. However, this is your best bet and that’s exactly what you should do when you are optimizing the campaigns. But keep in mind that you’re also leaving some profitable keywords on the table.

These are understandable things, since everyone had a lot of questions similar to these at the beginning as no one had a clue what to carry out.

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